Torey Alling, MD

Hometown: North Pole, AK

Med School: Keck – University of Southern California

Alain Artiles, MD

Hometown: Miami, FL

Med School: University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Harshal Athalye, MD

Hometown: Burlington, VT

Med School: University of Vermont

Charles Brown, MD

Hometown: Huntsville, AL

Med School: Loma Linda University School of Medicine

Daniel Cohen, MD

Hometown: Bay Harbor, FL

Med School: Boston University School of Medicine

Danielle Cohen, MD

Hometown: San Rafael, CA

Med School: California Northstate University

Henry Gemino, MD

Hometown: Manhasset, NY

Med School: Jefferson Medical College

Joshua Goldstein, MD

Hometown: Weston, FL

Med School: University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Kristopher Hendershot, MD

Hometown: Hackettstown, NJ

Med School: Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

Brian Knight, MD

Hometown: San Luis Obispo, CA

Med School: University of California, San Diego

Johnnatan Marin, MD

Hometown: Miami, FL

Med School: George Washington University

Julia Martinez, MD

Hometown: Miami, FL

Med School: West Virginia University

Naomi Newton, MD

Hometown: Atlanta, GA / Watchung, NJ

Med School: Emory School of Medicine

David Vega, MD

Hometown: Sunrise, FL

Med School: Indiana University School of Medicine

Torey Alling

Hometown: North Pole, AK

Interests: Toxicology, education

Television: At Home with Amy Sedaris

Hobbies: Trying new kinds of exercise, gardening, camping, bread baking, cooking, weight lifting, jigsaw puzzles

Favorite thing about Miami: Jackson has amazing people, an incredible community and exists in a vibrant and beautiful city. I love that at Jackson, residents train at a county hospital but also have exposure to other clinical settings. This type of program allows residents to understand barriers to care and work to advocate for their patients.

Alain Artiles

Hometown: Miami, FL

Interests: Global Health

Television: At Home with Amy Sedaris

Hobbies: Flag football, Boating, weight lifting, video games, videography, traveling

Favoite thing about Miami: Strong program with excellent patient pathology. Born/raised in Miami and my friends/family are all living in this beautiful city.

Harshal Athalye

Hometown: Burlington, VT

Interests: Ultrasound / EM

Television: New Amsterdam, The Good Doctor, Friends, Netflix documentaries

Hobbies: Trying new kinds of exercise, gardening, camping, bread baking, cooking, weight lifting, jigsaw puzzles

Favorite thing about Miami: Miami! Level 1 trauma!

Charles Brown

Hometown: Huntsville, AL

Interests: Ultrasound, Critical care

Television: Westworld

Hobbies: Cooking/barbecuing, mentoring/service, EM ultrasound, critical care, food/drinks, nightlife, running, weight lifting, basketball, reading spiritual/finance/self-help/motivational/autobiography books

Favorite thing about Miami: Top-tier training at a busy county hospital in the heart of a large vibrant/cultural city with great weather, phenomenal academic/community experience, happy and personable residents/admin/staff. Also the city of Miami!

Daniel Cohen

Hometown: Bay Harbor, FL

Interests: Ultrasound, Critical care

Television: The Office

Hobbies: NFL football (watching my Vikings disappoint me), board games, running, skiing

Favorite thing about Miami: Safety net hospital in the community I grew up in.

Danielle Cohen

Hometown: San Rafael, CA

Interests: EMS, Disaster Medicine, Toxicology, Medical Education

Television: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Archer, The League, Blue Mountain State

Hobbies: Love anything outdoors! –hiking, traveling, water and snow skiing. Hoping to learn to surf and scuba dive πŸ™‚

Favorite thing about Miami: Jackson Memorial is an amazing safety net program that treats a diverse patient population in need while seeing a vast spectrum of pathologies. The faculty and residents are knowledgable and kind. I am so excited to be apart of the Jackson Memorial team πŸ™‚

Henry Gemino

Hometown: Manhasset, NY

Interests: Innovation, population health, QI, and the intersection of business and healthcare

Television: Mad Men, The Sopranos, Curb Your Enthusiasm

Hobbies: Going to the beach, hiking, road trips, trying new foods, cryptocurrency, movies, stand-up comedy

Favorite thing about Miami: Excellent training, diverse pathology, and the opportunity to treat a uniquely underserved community… and the great weather!

Joshua Goldstein

Hometown: Weston, FL

Interests: Academics, teaching, mentorship, simulation

Television: Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother, PBS documentaries.

Hobbies: Fishing, hiking, kayaking/boating, catching lobsters, SCUBA diving, camping, woodworking.

Favorite thing about Miami: I’m UM born and bred. I grew up in the area, had the time of my life as a Med student here, and can’t wait to continue on as a resident. I love and respect the current faculty and residents, many of whom served as my mentors for the last several years. And of course, the unique, amazing experience that is life in Jackson Memorial Hospital.


Kristopher Hendershot

Hometown: Hackettstown, NJ

Interests: Traumatic Brain Injuries, Emergency Oncology, Sports-related Injuries

Television: Modern Family, Blue Bloods, West Wing

Hobbies: Hiking, Watching sports, Marvel Movies, Fishing

Favorite thing about Miami: I am excited to train at Jackson because I have always wanted to train at a county hospital that treats the patients in the most need and helps the whole community.

Brian Knight

Hometown: San Luis Obispo, CA

Interests: Business in medicine, hospital admin, hyperbaric medicine, ultrasound

Television: How I Met Your Mother, Scrubs (naturally), The League, Parks and Rec, Ballers, Dexter

Hobbies: Rock climbing, going to the gym, snorkeling, body surfing, really anything at the beach (love sailing and hoping to learn)

Favorite thing about Miami: Firstly, I love Miami. It’s a big city and near the beach, which are my two requirements for environmental happiness. It reminds me of San Diego but more lively and with a Cuban flare. Then on my interview I was really impressed with the program and meshed well with the people. Everyone was laid back and joking around, getting along with each other and also the nurses/hospital staff.

Johnnatan Marin

Hometown: Miami, FL

Interests: EMS, disaster medicine, tactical medicine

Television: Game of thrones, Rick and Morty homeland, the outsider, parks and Rec, the office

Hobbies: Stand up paddle boarding, working out, beer

Favoite thing about Miami: Miami is my hometown, its warm and more importantly it’s Miami.

Julia Martinez

Hometown: Miami, FL

Interests: Ultrasound, Administration, Procedures, and Global Health

Television: GOT, vampire diaries

Hobbies: Dance, Travel, Gym, Yoga, trying to pick up crochet

Favorite thing about Miami: Serving the community that raised me and sunshine.

Naomi Newton

Hometown: Atlanta, GA / Watchung, NJ

Interests: Med-ed, “Social EM” issues, Trauma-Informed Care, universal HIV screening in the ED, disaster medicine

Television: Parks and Recreation, Great British Baking Show

Hobbies: Performing arts (classically trained soprano, majored in vocal performance in college), Martial arts, Travel, Creative Writing, Reading, Baking.

Favorite thing about Miami: I was drawn to emergency medicine because service and advocacy are key aspects of practicing “on the front lines” of the medical field. I wanted to train at a program that not only exposes its residents to a variety of pathology and a diverse patient population, but that also has a heart for service and social justice. I felt that Jackson lives out its mission to provide excellent, humanistic medical care. I also wanted to train at a program that embraces innovation, leadership, collaboration, and creativity. Jackson struck me as a place where no one settles for the status quo, but everyone is a part of the family.

David Vega

Hometown: Sunrise, FL

Interests: Global Health, Pediatric EM

Television: Currently binge watching Breaking Bad

Hobbies: Working Out, Playing Piano, Karaoke, Running

Favorite thing about Miami: I wanted to serve a community that was meaningful to me, practice my Medical Spanish, be close to friends and family, and live in Miami πŸ˜‰