Andrea Alvarado, MD

Hometown: Coral Springs, FL

Med School: New York Medical College

Robert Barry, MD

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Med School: Stony Brook SOM

Anna Culhane, MD

Hometown: Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Med School: University of Wisconsin

Sebastian Gil, MD

Hometown: Hickory, NC

Med School: University of North Carolina School of Medicine

Sarah Jabre, MD

Hometown: Lebanon

Med School: American University of Beirut

Warren Linnerooth, MD

Hometown: The Plains, VA

Med School: University of Wisconsin

Jeniffer Okungbowa-Ikponmwosa, MD

Hometown: Brampton, ON, Canada

Med School: Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine

Oswald Perkins, MD

Hometown: Orlando, FL and Puerto Rico

Med School: Wright State University

Phillip Plevek, MD

Hometown: Whitmore Lake, MI

Med School: Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

Miguel Ribe, MD

Hometown: Miami, FL

Med School: Eastern Virginia Medical School

Max Rippe, MD

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Med School: University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Carlos Rodriguez, MD

Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela

Med School: University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson

Cameron Shoraka, MD

Hometown: Houston, TX

Med School: UT Houston

Melissa Velasquez, MD

Hometown: Miami, FL

Med School: NYU

Joseph Zakaria, MD

Hometown: San Luis Obispo, CA

Med School: UC Irvine

Andrea Alvarado

Hometown: Coral Springs, FL

Interests: Critical Care, Cardiovascular emergencies

Television: HIMYM, The Office, GoT seasons 1-7

Hobbies: Family, hiking, traveling

Favoite thing about Miami: Diversity of the program and opportunities. Location!

Robert Barry

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Interests: Wilderness, disaster, undersea

Television: Planet earth

Hobbies: Surfing, diving, fishing, rock climbing

Favoite thing about Miami: The patients and the people.

Anna Culhane

Hometown: Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Interests: Global health, education

Television: Parks and Rec, 30 Rock

Hobbies: Running, biking, figure skating, trivia, finding new breweries, travel

Favoite thing about Miami: Good mix of county, academic, and community medicine near the ocean.

Sebastian Gil

Hometown: Hickory, NC

Interests: Education/teaching/mentoring. Also international medicine.

Television: Rick & Morty, Archer, GOT, Breaking Bad

Hobbies: Working out, any outdoor activities, foodie, cocktail making.

Favoite thing about Miami: It’s my homecoming. Back to where it all started for me when I immigrated from Colombia. The population I will get to serve as well as the diversity within Jackson is what drew me here.

Sarah Jabre

Hometown: Lebanon

Interests: Global medicine, EMS

Television: Friends, 24, Money Heist, breaking bad, house

Hobbies: Soccer fan, music

Favoite thing about Miami: Great Vibes

Warren Linnerooth

Hometown: The Plains, VA

Interests: Emergency Medicine of course, ultrasound, global health missions,

Television: Rome (the series), Narcos, Lost, Black Mirror

Hobbies: Swimming, sailing, biking, running, dancing

Favoite thing about Miami: Well… it IS in Miami : )

Jeniffer Okungbowa-Ikponmwosa

Hometown: Brampton, ON, Canada

Interests: Global medicine, EMS

Television: Game of Thrones

Hobbies: Traveling, watching basketball, baking, fashion and design

Favoite thing about Miami: Diverse patient population, very happy residents and faculty, huge public hospital, location

Oswald Perkins

Hometown: Orlando, FL and Puerto Rico

Interests: Wilderness, EMS, Academics, US, CCM, Opioid addiction

Television: The Office

Hobbies: Guitar, Drawing, Eating

Favoite thing about Miami: Awesome people, beach, sun, lots of trauma.

Phillip Plevek

Hometown: Whitmore Lake, MI

Interests: US, Wilderness medicine, toxicology

Television: GOT, The Wire, Rick and Morty, Billions

Hobbies: Travel, golf, basketball, climbing, weightlifting, real estate, learning to kiteboard, investing

Favoite thing about Miami: The pathology, the people, and the sunshine.

Miguel Ribe

Hometown: Miami, FL

Interests: Ultrasound, Admin.

Television: Friends

Hobbies: Working out, playing guitar, drawing.

Favoite thing about Miami: JMH saved my grandma’s eyesight, and helped keep a best friend alive several years while awaiting a heart transplant. As well as the diversity of the population of Miami.

Max Rippe

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Interests: CPR, obesity

Television: VEEP, Fleabag, Barry

Hobbies: Guitar, gardening, climbing, writing

Favoite thing about Miami: In-the-trenches medicine, variety, Spanish, underserved population, trauma, beautiful Miami

Carlos Rodriguez

Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela

Interests: Sports Medicine, Ultrasound, Pain, Critical Care

Television: Rick & Morty, One Punch Man, Family Guy, American Dad, Friends

Hobbies: Cycling, Weightlifting/Olympic lifting, Tennis & Table tennis, Soccer, Fishing, snorkeling anything water!

Cameron Shoraka

Hometown: Houston, TX

Interests: Ultrasound, critical care

Television: Blackish, Ozark, Ballers

Hobbies: Basketball, traveling, beach, skiing, driving/cars, lifting weights

Favoite thing about Miami: Cool people, diverse patient population, high acuity

Melissa Velasquez

Hometown: Miami, FL

Interests: medical education, harm reduction, health disparities

Television: Schitts Creek, Insecure, GoT

Hobbies: traveling, hiking, board games

Favoite thing about Miami: county hospital with great people and endless sunshine

Joseph Zakaria

Hometown: San Luis Obispo, CA

Interests: Ultrasound, administration

Television: Narcos

Hobbies: Sports, Traveling, Fitness

Favoite thing about Miami: Mix of County & Community, Spanish-speaking patients, Happy residents, Location